Tenth Street Basque Cafe
Basque Cafe
249 Tenth Street in San Miguel, California 93451   (805) 467-3141
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Rave Reviews for our Basque Restaurant Dining Experience

Come In and Taste
by Mary McVean, The Los Angeles Times
"Dinner at the 10th Street Basque Cafe made us feel as though we had been invited to a terrific party. Three nights a week, Caren and Dallas Holt turn their 46-seat cafe into a Basque and French feast, served family style at long tables. There is just one seating, 7 p.m., and reservations are strongly recommended. Wearing red berets and banging a wooden spoon on a pot lid for attention, the Holts gave a preview of our dishes....While we were eating, Dallas introduced us to the bota bag, a suede wine bag that was tipped so a stream of wine hit the back of the mouth without dripping onto clothing....Our party lasted nearly three hours."
Basque in the Flavors of the 10th Street Cafe
by Jessica Yadegaran, The San Luis Obispo Tribune
"Every weekend a humble little farm house in San Miguel transforms into a wild Spanish fiesta. The 10th Street Cafe serves up a rowdy, eight-course dinner native to the Basque regions of Spain and France. The seating is family-style, so dining next to a local winemaker, or in my case, Templeton farmers, is possible. Dallas and Caren Holt of 10th Street Cafe spend two days preparing the elaborate meal. The experience is fun, unique and definitely worth the price."
American Journeys
Sipping Through the Next Great Wine Region in California
by Louise Tutelian, New York Times
"10th Street Cafe recommended us a place to stop on our tour of the Central Coast wine country. Several Paso Robles wines have taken top honors in national and international rankings, and the wine critic Robert M. Parker Jr. wrote in the October issue of Food & Wine magazine, “I believe the region already shows some of the most striking potential in all of California."...read complete article
TripAdvisor.com Restaurant Reviews
"The food is freakin fantastic, and I could see how this could quickly become a regular trip for locals."....read more
Dine.com Restaurant Reviews
"What a wonderful restaurant. they had at least 10 courses plus tapas and it took 3 hours to eat dinner. the chef dallas came out and told us what we were going to eat. no meno and the food just kept coming. I have eaten in the Basque country in spain and france and this food was better."....read more
InsiderPages.com Restaurant Reviews
"If you are visiting the Paso Robles area you have to take the 10 minute drive to the sleepy little town of San Miguel and visit the tenth street vineyard cafe. Great food, great atmosphere and a totally unusual dining experience. We were seated with several other couples at the same table and had a totally unexpected experience. Each course was flavorful and delicious and they don't skimp on the portions. Definitely worth the price."......read more
Caren with the kitchen crew
Chef Caren Holt with her "red berets" kitchen crew at the Basque restaurant is picutred above. A Sangria filled bota bag can be special requested for your dining group. One of the most unique dining experiences in California with no menus, always chef's choice.
Customer testimonial from our Facebook page:
We were delighted to have dinner at your great cafe on Friday evening. We were the group at the end of the room by the front window with three hungry college kids! Each dish was a joy to eat. We haven't stopped talking about it since we were there. AND I love, love, love the cookbook! I have a shopping list ready and am heading to the store right now to buy everything for the next three evenings of Basque food. We do hope to return for another evening with you when we visit Cal Poly again. Oh...and your wine was awesome! The other couple with us are grape growers in Clarksburg, CA  and they were truly impressed as well. So thank you to you and your staff for a great experience. Blessings, Jan and Bruce
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Always Chef's Choice Prix Fix Dinner $35.00

One Seating for Dinner
Friday and Saturday 7:00 p.m.
Sunday 6:00 p.m.
Credit cards are NOT accepted for dining. Payment by cash or check keeps our prices low.
Open for Lunch
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Reservation recommended. 
Call 805-467-3141 Today!

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